We specialize in hairless kittens. We produce healthy beautiful very social 

 Sphynx, Elfs, bambinos and Dwelfs. 

Here is a little bit about us. We are a family of 8. I have 7 children all between the ages of 5 and 11. We have always had a passion for cats but 3 of us have asthma and have cat allergies. We thought we could never have a cat until we met the Sphynx. We got our first hairless kitten almost 9 years ago and fell in love. We are now owned by 4 beautiful hairless cats and their amazing kittens. 

Our cats and kittens are all very sweet with great temperaments. They are raised with children of all ages. We only feed the best food possible to ensure healthy growth and development for our sweet kittens. The food we feed has probiotics and prebiotics, antioxidents, omega-3, no by-products, no-corn, and has great protein souces. 

Hairless cats of course have to be indoor cats, and will not be sold to anyone thinking the cat should be outdoors. 

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