Here are our amazing mother cats



 Meet Raja our very sweet Sphynx girl. Raja is very down to earth and mellow. She is playful when we want to play with her but she mostly likes to snuggle up and cuddle. She is a beautiful calico color with a cute striped tail.
Meet KitKat our amazing very short Dwelf. This little sweetie is so super spunky and playful. She loves to play with us all the time. She is most of my kids favorite because of her silly comic personality. She is a gorgeous tortie.


 Meet Pepper she is our fun very spunky out going Sphynx. She is so super sweet. She loves all people, cats, dogs, ect... She has an amazing temperament. She loves sleeping with my kids and loves playing with hair ties. She is a beautiful black sphynx with gorgeous golden eyes!